Our Process

We like to assume that you have no previous experience of building works and the procedures involved. That way we can guide you step by step through the full process of your project, from the initial enquiry to the full completion and issue of certification.

Initial Enquiry

This usually takes the form of an informal phone call, where you give the basic outline of the works you are considering to have done. The actual stage you are currently at, and when you are thinking of having the works completed by.

Site Survey

We will always attend in person to complete a site survey, for all our customers, we will be taking measurements, photos and any specific details, of your project. Please Note : We are unable to give any estimates or budget figures over the phone, as every project is different, so a survey is always needed, in our opinion.


We intend to provide a detailed competetive quotation, within 10-14 days from our initial site survey, sometimes longer as depends on size and design of project. Please note our quotation will be detailed, clearly showing all inclusions and exclusions, but also written using basic terminology. Please Note : Our survey and quotation are completely free of charge.

Scope of Works

This is a detailed section of the quotation, and is basically a list of all the stages of the works that you want completing, and will incorporate any specific details and any assumptions we have had to make due to information provided.

Acceptance of Offer

If you find our quotation to be of interest and to your requirements, then we would just require, a simple phone call, a brief letter or even an email confirming your acceptance of our detailed offer.

Issue of Contract of Works

Once we have received your acceptance we then draft up a contract of works, which once signed becomes a legally binding document, and will consist of our quotation, our inclusions and exclusions, and our scope of works etc. This document will take the form of a standard Domestic Contract for a Minor Building Work agreement, which can be found on the Federation of Master Builders website.

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